Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Tenmoku: The Birth Of Shino.

'Tenmoku', is the Japanese name for the mountain range in China of 'T'ien Mu Shan'. Shown here are two white tenmoku bowls and then a raku form with the white tenmoku glaze on it.
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Mark Potter said...

I'm really enjoying this blog of yours, Lee.

Coyote said...

Lee, are you still posting to this blog? I focus on shino mainly and I love the archives of your blog...please start posting again.

Cody Kroll

Kyle Whittington said...
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Kyle Whittington said...

Hi Lee,

I wonder if you might be able to point me to a reference on these white shino temmoku as I'm writing an essay on temmoku and find this an interesting element to consider.



Michel said...

Hello Lee

This is Michel Francois, I m a potter near st Ives in cornwall uk (B Leach country).

I have been enjoying your work for many years now.
All the very best with your future endevors.


Lee Love said...

Hi folks! Thanks for your comments. Write me directly with any questions. togeika@gmail.com.com