Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Mogusa 艾 Clay and E-Shino

Shino was a Favorite glaze of mine in Minnesota. I have made many tests, and after about 5 years of test have come up with something I like.

The clay is have Mogusa shino clay and Half Mashiko Nami. Iron brush unglaze decoration.


Kritchnun said...

Hi, your work is extraprdinary. I'm a potter from Thailand and really interested in japanese ceramic and zen asthetics. I've been trying to make my own shino recipe, some work but some didn't. Nice to meet you here!
Have a good day

Coyote said...


Where do you get your mogusa clay? Do you mix a version of your own. I have a japanese potter friend who compares it to fire this your oppinion as well? I have been experimenting trying to come up with several japanese style clay bodies...I know that in Kyoto they make faux versions of regional clays using a shigaraki style clay as the base. One account says they take that base and add kaolin until it gets the right consistency. Any thoughts?

Lee Love said...

Yes, I have experimented with Mogusa just using clay with very little added feldspar. Try fireclay or mix it with kaolin. Mogusa is not refractory at cine 11, but when you whisk in it with a matcha whisk, it sounds sift like Raku. Good luck!